Merand, Diva 2 Divider / Shaper

  • Hydraulic divider MERAND Diva has a square tank, therefore you can divide the dough into 20 equal divisions.
  • Its strong design guarantees the MERAND Dough Divider reliability.
  • Every detail is designed to provide comfort, make it easy to clean and very respectful of dough.
  • Perfectly adapted from small dough pieces of 150gr to big dough pieces of 1Kg, thanks to its huge tank that can be loaded up to 20Kg. (Hydraulic Divider mode)
  • This divider can also be upgraded to become a divider-shaper MERAND.
  • Exclusive MERAND Systems can be added to fit extra requirements such as : APF®, Non Flour Splatter / FlourBox®, removable flourbox / Variopress®, pressure sensor according to dough type / EasyDoors®, safe and easy cleaning system without tools / FlexiTable®, foldable worktable.

Product Specifications:

Mode # of pieces total tank capacity*
Hydraulic Mode: 20 division up to 20 kg dough
Baguette Mode: 8 or 10 division up to 3.5 kg dough
Div-X Model: see grid chart up to 7 kg dough

*tank capacity is dependent on dough type/density and are guidelines only. Note in Div X mode the variety of grids will determine your quantity of dough pieces and total dough capacity.

Merand Hydraulic Divider

Hydraulic Divider Options

  • 20 divisions – Square tank
  • 20 divisions – Round Tank
  • Fat dough press

merand, Tregor Vertical Moulder


Machine to roll and to shape dough balls with weight from 50 grams (1.76 oz) to 1 450 grams (3.19 lb). The Production rate is up to 1 800 parts per hour depending on the dough ball weight.

  • 2 pointed selector for laminating and lengthening adjusting.
  • Laminating system between 3 rollers
  • Stretching system between two moving belts (compact machine).
  • Easy dismantling of the 2 belts within 25 mn, 5 mn for the back belt
  • Hinged safety hopper, and easy removable scrapers