Dough Make-up Equipment

Dough Roller

  • Ideal for pizzas, tortillas, and pie crusts
  • Quickly produces crusts of uniform thickness, automatically
  • Perfect for applications where floor space is limited
  • Easy to operate
  • Available in a choice of 14”, 17”, or 21” widths
  • USDA listed

Semi-Automatic Bun/Divider Rounder

  • Solid cast iron and heavy gauge construction
  • 3 plastic molding plates included
  • Easy access to grease zirks – no oil required
  • Casters available for easy mobility
  • Available in 15 or 36 part (must specify)
  • Portion size for 15 part: 2.5 oz.-8.25 oz. approximately
  • Portion size for 36 part: 1 oz.-3.5oz. approximately
  • Head tilts in both directions for easy cleaning
  • Accurately scales and rounds individual dough pieces`

Bun Divider

  • Constructed of cast iron and cast aluminum
  • Sanitary stainless steel pan included
  • Model 623-36 divides dough into 36 pieces up to 4 oz. (113g) each
  • Model 623-16 divides dough into 16 pieces up to 8 oz. (227g) each
  • Optional stand available

Dough Press

  • Automatic cycle operation; press up to 40 lbs. (14kg) of dough
  • Hydraulic operation helps reduce noise and vibration
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Latches with a double safety lock
  • The lid and sides of the hopper are made of heavy cast aluminum. The pressing plate is made of anti-adherent, food-grade plastic which helps prevent sticking and oiling of dough
  • Easy to move, with four heavy duty casters
  • Available in stainless steel or white powder coated covers

Auto-Latch Dough Divider

  • Substantially reduces the risk of injury because the lid latches and releases automatically eliminating the risk of pressure build-up in the hopper
  • Minimizes the danger of “hot dough” expanding in the divider
  • Divides dough into 16, 20, 0r 24 equally weighted parts
  • Proprietary filtered hydraulic system cuts down on service and maintenance while increasing machine longevity
  • Unique hydraulic design for noticeably quieter operation
  • Designed with round hopper for optimum scaling accuracy
  • Cutting knives and pusher plates are machined to exacting tolerances minimizing dough clean-up
  • Removable panels allow easy access for cleaning
  • Stainless steel cutting blades and a hardanodized hopper reduce dough sticking and residue
  • Easy-to-move with four multi-directional locking heavy duty casters

Dough Divider
Dough Divider

  • Semi-automatic unit divides dough into 16, 20, or 24 equally weighted pieces
  • Vented hopper will let dough escape if left in chamber. This prevents the dough from expanding and posing a danger to inexperienced employees.
  • Ergonomically designed lid provides increased storage area and/or work cell extension capabilities
  • Hydraulic operation helps reduce noise and vibration
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Latches with double safety lock
  • Stainless steel cutting blades and plates made with anti-adherent food-grade plastic, helps prevent sticking and need of oiling the dough
  • Easy to move, with four heavy duty casters

Dough Moulder

  • The 600 R-3 moulder is designed for perfect shaping of rolls and various sizes of breads from 2 oz. (.1kg) to 6 lbs. (3kg)
  • Output from 1,200 to 4,500 loaves per hour, depending on weight
  • Accurate adjustment of sheeting via hand-operated levers with locking device
  • Preliminary streching between an endless rotating belt and a s weighted belt
  • Stretching between two endless belts rotating in opposite directions
  • Three roller in-feed
  • 600-R35 has synthetic belts