Bread Slicers

OLIVER 797 Gravity Feed Bread Slicer

  • Batch slicing for higher volume retail and in-store bakeries
  • 32″ infeed chute with Proguard and single loaf pusher
  • Proguard feature supports industry safety guidelines
  • single loaf pusher gently and safely guides loaf into blades
  • heavy duty castors
  • Blade advantages:
  • Uses the lowest cost replacement blades in the industry, contributing to low cost of ownership
  • Easily replaceable, independently mounted, rust-resistant blades

OLIVER ProGuard for Gravity Feed Slicer

  • Required by Ministry of Labor for all gravity feed bread slicers
  • ProGuard helps prevent employee hands or fingers from coming into contact with the blades from loading end
  • Machine can be loaded with power off and guard open
  • Additional loaves must be loaded from end of guard while machine is in operation
  • Auto shut-off feature when guard cage is opened
  • Additional out-feed guard secures out-feed table from opening while machine is in operation
  • ProGuard retrofit kit must be installed by trained and authorized service dealers
  • ProGuard retrofit kit for use on machines manufactured after 1979
  • ProGuard comes standard on all new 797 Gravity Feed Slicers sold into Ontario Canada

OLIVER 777 Variety Slicer

  • Slices virtually all varieties of bread cleanly and quickly
  • Compact, sturdy design is easy to use
  • Automatically holds bread in place during slicing
  • recommended for slicing up to 150 loaves per day

OLIVER 758 Front Load Duo-Slicer

  • Two options are better than one!
  • Choose two slice thickness options from four standards
  • Large loaf capacity – capacity of 13” loaves per side
  • Easy-to-operate, front mounted push button controls

OLIVER 732 Front Load Countertop Slicer

  • Perfect for on-demand slicing of hard-crusted breads and soft-textured sandwich loaves
  • Small footprint – less than 27” wide
  • Large bread capacity – up to 16” loaves
  • Easy-to-operate, with convenient, front-mounted push button controls
  • Front-mounted bagging scoop that adjusts for smaller loaves makes for convenient bagging