KOENIG Roto Passat

Especially easy to maintain due to

  • the door with easily exchangeable all-round sealing, no tools required
  • “door-in-door” system for easy cleaning
  • impact protection, inside and outside
  • optimal cooling of the control elements
  • quickly removable floor rotating table for easy cleaning
  • light and separated maintenance lid on the front section

Hygienic finish due to

  • the exclusive use of smooth surfaces made of stainless steel
  • easily removable ramp, no tools required
  • stainless steel labyrinth under the floor rotating table protecting the oven floor against soiling
  • removable floor cover sheets – so the oven floor is quickly accessible and easy to clean
  • efficient extractor fan shaft

Increased energy efficiency due to

  • the new cloud device that makes for an optimal use of the quantity of water added
  • “Energy+ High End” heater – setting a new benchmark for energy efficiency in rack ovens


  • the rack oven with standing baking trolley for bread and rolls
  • reciprocal flow of hot-air above products
  • design combining attractive appearance with easy operation
  • touch screen operation enables easy input of required values and rapid effect on the baking process
  • long working life and value
  • stainless steel design

KOENIG PU Integral

  • baking surface up to 140 sqm possible
  • baking plate sizes: 2,500 x 1,300 mm or 3,000 x 1,300 mm
  • several independent baking zones for the regulation of temperature, air volume and humidity enable optimized product quality for all baked goods
  • innovative sealing system for the individual baking zones
  • the production of part-baked products with very short baking times is realized with two independently working loading trolleys
  • increased energy efficiency thanks to thermo oil heat exchanger
  • the compact construction requires minimal space and guarantees minimal heat losses
  • optionally available also without independent baking zones and with heater for oil or gas burner