KGV Combi

  • maximum hourly capacity up to 18,000 pieces.
  • 800 mm working width for top performance
  • on request, available with direct transfer for the setting down of raw dough pieces
  • ergonomic design
  • convenient manual operation
  • easy cleaning because all parts in touch with dough are optimally accessible
  • optionally available with dampening/seeding and final prover

KGV I-VI – Program

  • monoline for top hourly capacity or multifunctional line for the greatest possible product diversity
  • hourly capacity up to 36,000 pieces.
  • modular system for the configuration of the line according to your needs
  • multiple rounds of cutting, seeding, lye application, etc. are possible
  • final prover with insulation cladding and controlled climate available
  • equipment with swing cleaning, vacuuming and infra-red sterilisation station is possible
  • available with modem connection for remote maintenance