Dough Sheeting System


  • wide feeding belt for convenient dough feeding
  • dough belt duster with large storage container and controllable drive for even dusting of the dough belt
  • touch panel with pictograms for language-independent operation
  • quick and easy adjustment of the machine by means of pre-installed standard programs
  • max. 50 programs can be stored
  • guillotine and stamping station for a maximum product variety
  • dough sheet calibration system by means of innovative calibration ledges
  • optionally available with dampening and seeding unit


The compact machine for stress-free baked goods without waste dough in many variations

The Artisan SFR has proven itself as the ideal machine if you want to produce both square and round rolls in many variations: The rounding unit is on board as standard. Optionally available are a diamond and triangle stamping station that allows for combined operation of cutting and stamping.

The Artisan SFR is intended for use as a single machine as well as in combination with classic Koenig roll lines. In the configuration SFR with Eco Twin, for example, you can produce many kinds of baked goods: square and round, stamped, pressed, cut. And of course also seeded.

Performance features:

  • production of square and round dough pieces with high level of dough yield
  • high hourly capacity, e.g. with 5 rows up to 6,000 pieces with rounded rolls
  • simple row selection
  • perfect pre-calibration of the dough belt by means of side edge former and pressing down roller
  • no side trimming, no dough waste
  • changeable stamping tools for wide range of products
  • rounded dough pieces with unrivalled pore structure
  • also available with greasing for German Rosenbrötchen
  • optionally with box lifting device


The dough sheeting line for large and fine-pore doughs in Easy Clean Design

Performance features:

  • for easy cleaning, maintenance and access to all modules, Koenig has applied the “Easy Clean” Design
  • dough throughput of 400 to 1,200 kg per hour for rolls and 400 to 1,500 kg per hour for breads
  • performance with angular rolls: 16,200 pieces/hour at 6-row operation (45 strokes/min.)
  • performance with rounded rolls: 11,800 pieces/hour at 6-row operation (33 strokes/min.)
  • absolutely gentle processing of fine- and large-pore doughs due to multiple forming rollers, adjustable for individual dough yields and bowl resting time
  • new kind of dough sheet forming for gentle dough handling:
    • preformer with 3-roll satellite, counter-roller and scraper for gentle preforming of the dough sheet
    • a dough sheet former ensures a homogeneous dough sheet, reduction of machine length and thus reduced footprint
    • for an even dough sheet and improved weight accuracy, especially for doughs with longer bowl resting time
  • systems often have residual dough of up to 15%
  • modular system: Modules such as forming station, seeding stations, proofer etc. available and can be retrofitted at any time
  • integrated weighing system for weight-accurate production
  • exchangeable cutting rollers for different dough sheet rows
  • intuitive control by PLC control with 14 inch touch panel with pictograms and 99 storable programs


  • extremely gentle dough processing for soft doughs
  • dough throughput with softer doughs approx. 500 kg/hour; with harder doughs up to 1,200 kg/hour
  • high-precision row positioning of the pre-portioned dough pieces through a special setting system
  • exact calibration of the dough strip by means of a fluted hopper and satellite heads
  • easy and quick cleaning with the “Easy Cleaning System”
  • maximum product variety because of modular units such as bowl hoist, rounding station, long rolling station, dampening, seeding and various easily exchangeable tools

KOENIG Certo Pan M

  • dough throughput of up to 600 kg per hour
  • maximum hourly capacity of 7,500 pieces (square rolls) or 6,000 pieces (rounded rolls) when working with 5 rows
  • infeed of dough via integrated box lifting unit
  • endless dough sheet production by the use of a rotating disc hopper and an oscillating cutting knife
  • exchangeable cutting rollers for varying numbers of rows for the dough sheet
  • usable dough sheet width approx. 240 mm
  • even dough pieces with high weight accuracy through endless dough sheet
  • optimal cleaning on account of large maintenance doors and swiveling disc hopper
  • easy operation with PLC control and touch panel with pictograms

KOENIG Ceres 2.1

  • for all doughs with a dough yield between 162 and 182
  • for all doughs ranging from 100% wheat to 100% rye
  • for all doughs with pre-dough and long bowl resting time
  • minimal cleaning efforts on account of easy access to the parts to be cleaned, extra cleaning menu, movable dough belt sensors, removable transfer disc and belts of synthetic material
  • dough divider with patented gravitation dough sheet technique
  • hopper with a volume of 300 liters and 900 mm height for more bowl proving – no pre-portioning hopper required
  • sensor-controlled weighing device
  • designed for one-man operation
  • designed in accordance with the latest applicable hygiene regulations
  • electric lifting and lowering of the hopper
  • shortest possible set-up times when changing dough sorts
  • Siemens-S7 PLC control with touch panel
  • bowl hoist with standard scraping device can be combined directly

KOENIG Menes 1

  • dough throughput from 500 of up to 5,000 kg per hour
  • available in working widths 800/1,000/1,200 and 1,600mm
  • extreme range of dough yields processable: from 140 to 190 gr.
  • dough sheet thickness of 1 mm – 50mm
  • “Twin Sat” double satellite head for the most gentle dough processing
  • stainless steel design
  • picture-oriented and simple control of the system