Baggers and Closers

OLIVER Mini-Vert Air Bread Bagger 1170

  • mounts directly to your slicer or bench
  • Complements Oliver 797 Chute-fed bread slicers
  • up to 1,200 packages/hour
  • product capacity: 5″ wide
  • bag specifications: 9″wide minimum                                                                                         32″ long maximum
  • Inflates bread bag so that sliced bread can be quickly bagged

086 Semiautomatic Bag Closing Machine

086 Semiautomatic Bag Closing System is a versatile machine that offers a wide variety of options. The machine will close bags with the all-plastic closure and closure-labels. The 086 is also available with a printer that will print code information on the closure and/or closure-label. Featured is a power breakoff and closure advance mechanism. The simple design of the 086 is portable, jam-proof and compact, and can close bagged packages up to 30 bags per minute.

1002FP Semiautomatic Bag Closing Machine

The 1002FP uses the all-plastic bag closure. Removing the closed package advances the next closure into the closing position. Speeds of up to 30 bags per minute are easily attained. Model B (CAD execution) band printer uses standard RL loks.