Intermediate Proofers

GLIMEK IPP Intermediate Pocket Prover

  • Three different infeed systems
    Adapted to customer needs
  • Dual infeed
    For capacity up to 3000 pcs/h
  • Electrical cabinet
    The dough divider, conical rounder and moulder is connected to the IPP
  • IPP pocket prover
    The IPP is a modular pocket prover that is adapted to the customers needs when it comes to capacity per hour and resting time.
    The standard execution consists of 6, 8 or 10 cups per swing, A robust construction, swings and cover plates and manufactured in stainless steel

GLIMEK ICP Intermediate Pocket Prover

  • Capacity of up to 3600 pieces per hour
  • Removable plastic covers on both sides
  • Belt width of 350 mm
  • Made of strong special aluminum profiles
  • Drum motors with frequency controlled drive as standard
  • Outlet sliding plate – fixed (option)
  • Outlet sliding plate – turnable 1500 mm or 2500 mm (option)
  • Separate stands (option)
  • Cealing suspensions (option)