Valued Harvest Corporation Customers

At Harvest Corporation our customers trust us to provide them with widest selection of affordable commercial, industrial, and in-store bakery equipment available on the market. Our valued customer base includes:

sobeys metro farmboy overwaitea
save_on__foods remark_market costco_logo Thrifty_foods
whole_foods t_and_t starsky PriceSmart_Foods_logo
Wholesale Bakeries:
nicholls-bakery dimpflmeier island_city backerhaus_viet
english_bay_batter golden_loaf la_bon_croissant creekside
portofino ace_bakery Redstone Food
Consultants Ltd
villa_di_manno Lindas natural_bakery cibl
Retail/Food Service:
fresh_slice panera wildFlower-logo timHortons_logo
hot_oven pizzaville_logo
Commercial Bakeries:
weston canada_bread richs_logo bridor-logo