Artisanal Utensils

New Item – Dough Tote – Bread Transport Carrier

  • measurements: 17-3/4″ x 25-1/2″ x 5-1/4″ depth
  • fits onto standard 10 tier single rack

Oven Loader / Oven Setter / Proofing Setter

overall dimensions 60 cm x 80cm

-for storing shaped doughs during fermentation and for transferring doughs onto the surfaces of ovens or onto oven insertion mechanisms

-stainless steel structure

-linen material

Wooden Proofing Board

18×26” poplar wood

Oven Peel – standard length 36”

Widths available:

Dough Fermentation Cloth – LINEN “Couche”


23-1/2” width (60cm)

Made of 100% natural linen fibers with no chemical color or treatments used, linen is the best material for proofing breads. Linen is very durable, but flexible and light, which allows the folds needed separating the shape of dough. Shaped loaves of bread are placed in between the folds of linen to help the bread maintain its shape during proofing, reduce the amount of space needed in between the loaves, and prevent the loaves from proofing into each other. Linen will absorb the excess moisture of the dough and minimize stickiness during proofing or overnight retarding but will not dry it out, giving a nice thin crust. Maintenance: scrape or brush after every usage, and then hang to dry before using again.

SOLD BY THE METER ( it is recommended to hem the edges to prevent fraying)

Short/Oval Traditional Wicker Proofing Baskets / Banneton:


Weight Dimension
 500 gram 220 x 130mm or 200 x 140mm
 750 gram 240 x 125mm
1000 gram 320 x 130mm
1250 gram 360 x 130mm
1500 gram 370 x 140mm


Long/Narrow Traditional Wicker Proofing Baskets / Banneton


Weight Dimension
750 gram 270x120mm
1000gram 360 x 120mm
1250 gram 380x130mm
1500 gram 410 x 130mm


Round Traditional Wicker Proofing Baskets / Banneton

Weight Dimension
500gram 190mm diameter
750 gram 200mm diameter
1000 gram 220mm diameter
1250 gram 230mm diameter


Short/Oval Plastic Proofing Baskets (Dishwasher Safe)


Weight Dimension
  500 gram 240 x 145 x 85mm
  750 gram 270 x 145 x 85mm

Elasticized cotton liners available!

Long/Narrow Plastic Proofing Baskets (Dishwasher Safe)


Weight Dimension
 500 gram 285 x 148 x 85mm
 850 gram 330 x 145 x 85mm
1000gram 360 x 145 x 85mm
1250-1500gr 420 x 145 x 85mm

Elasticized cotton liners available!

Round Plastic Proofing Baskets (Dishwasher Safe)

Weight Dimension
500 gram 180 mm diameter 90mm height
1000 gram 230 mm diameter 90mm height
2000 gram 300 mm diameter 90mm height

Elasticized cotton liners available!

Cotton Liner (for proofing baskets)

Bench Brush

White Countertop Bench Brush
Nylon bristles
9-1/2″ x 2-1/2″

Oven Mitts (pair)

  • Commercial oven mitts available in 10″ / 13″ / 17″ lengths.

Oven Mitt – with slit

“B” style with slit

Oven mitt – with elastic

“G” style with elastic

Proofing Board

Heavy duty plastic proofing board.

18x26x 3/8” thick, textured

Pan Extender

Molded Fiberglass Pan Extender to fit in 18×26” sheet pan.

Available in 2” and 3” heights

Bread Knife

Serrated Bread Knife available in 10 ” / 12″ length.

Lame (Razorblade)

Lames allow bakers to slash the loaves prior to baking so that product can expand without tearing the crust

Hand Kaiser Stamp

Cast aluminum hand Kaiser stamp.
Strong, long lasting construction.
Easy to use and ergonomic.