Mini Rex Program

Mini Rex Multi

Weight range from 8 to 330 g (up to 140 g rounded) — depending on dough

  • max. hourly capacity in the 1-, 2-, 3-row or 4-row version: 1200, 2400, 3600 or 4800  pieces
  • easy and safe change of the dividing drum ledges for different weight ranges and changes of number of rows
  • roller hopper for approx. 15 kg dough capacity
  • all components that come in contact with the dough can be removed from the machine for easy cleaning
  • stainless steel design
  • Easy control with micro controller via touch panel
  • all mechanical settings can be stored in the program
  • direct access to stored programs
  • robust industrial version with LED display
  • clearly legible, 3-digit digital display
  • Slot for SD memory card for backup and easy software update

Mini Rex Futura

  • capacity of up to 4000 pieces/hour, set at 33 strokes/min.
  • extended weight range through the combination of 2 dividing stamp sizes
  • optimum rounding results via continually adjustable rounding eccentric
  • roller hopper with approx. 15 kg dough capacity
  • 2-row operation
  • industrial PLC control with quick access keys
  • also available with special stamps
  • quick access keys