GLIMEK MO300 Dough Moulder

The MO300 is available with a wide variety of options to suit the customers needs.

  • Centrally adjustable infeed
    Enables a correct positioning of the dough piece
  • Two pair of 400mm wide adjustable pressure rollers
    With spring loaded scrapers for easy cleaning
  • Collection tray with two positions
    Enables straight line outfeed
  • Capacity range up to 3000 dough pieces per hour
  • Weight range from 30 up to 1800 grams
  • Working width up to 650 mm

GLIMEK MO881 Industrial Moulder

Heavy duty moulder for use in industrial bakeries


  • Capacity up to 3600 pcs/hr
  • Driven by tension timing belt
  • Noiseless and sustainable
  • Three adjustable pressure rollers with spring loaded scrapers
  • Easy to clean
  • Two separate pressure boards
    First pressure board is delivered in two widths, 220 or 280 mm foldable, second pressure board 650X1100 mm
  • Collection tray with two positions
    Enables outfeed with or without stop


  • Up to 3000 pcs/hr
  • Weight range 30 up to 1800 grams
  • Working width up to 650 mm


  • For delivery with MO881: in stainless steel, assembled on MO881 with common electrical control
  • For delivery as stand-alone: In stainless steel with separate electrical control, assembled on height adjustable lower frame in stainless steel, movable (on wheels two of which are lockable)
  • Capacity: up to 3600 pieces/hour
  • Weight range: 30 – 1800 grams
  • motorized pressure board on top-adjustment in height
  • Driven by drum motor, noiseless and sustainable
  • fixed lower part to achieve couter rotating direction of the dough piece