Uniquely high performance of 100 strokes/min for a great variety of rolls

Performance features:

  • the new type of industrial bread roll line for different products, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, milk rolls, donuts, brioche buns, etc.
  • for a maximum output of 72,000 pieces/hour in 12-row execution
  • high product quality and preservation of the dough structure, compared to extruder solutions
  • easy processing of doughs with a developed dough structure or heterogeneous doughs with ingredients such as raisins or nuts
  • the heart of the system is the T-Rex AW, a completely new dough dividing and rounding machine with a capacity of 100 strokes/min. for different dough consistencies and high weight accuracy
  • the T-Rex AW offers a wide weight range of 25 to 70g
  • a proofer ensures gentle fermentation of the dough pieces
  • a new multifunctional belt stamping unit provides accurate and central punching at high power, e.g. for donuts or bagels
  • forming station for a high product variety
  • the cleanliness and accessibility of the KGV plus are ensured by the open design, generous stainless steel service doors and collecting drawers under the line