The Industry Rex Compact AW offers an ideal balance between weight accuracy and gentle dough processing. The variable separation of the dividing pistons and rows of this dough dividing and rounding machine allows to cover a weight range from 25 to 350g in only one machine – and nevertheless in compact design. To achieve this, the proven „Multi“ principle with easily exchangeable dividing ledges has been applied to this machine.

Performance features:

  • the automatic dough dividing and rounding machine can operate in up to 10 rows
  • high weight range of 28-350g with only one machine by means of variable separation of dividing pistons and rows
  • hourly capacity of up to 30,000 pieces at 50 strokes/min
  • proven Koenig pre-portioning unit
  • the continuously adjustable, absolutely even pusher pressure ensures highest weight accuracy for various dough types and consistencies manually changeable dividing ledges and dividing pistons for changing the weight range according to the system Multi
  • inner rounding drum with automatically adjustable rounding eccentric
  • swiveling dividing drum for compact design
  • discharge spreading finger belt adjustable to separations/rows
  • rounding unit for gentle rounding process guarantees optimum product quality
  • easy operation with touch display

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • tool-free exchangeable dividing ledges including dividing pistons
  • easy cleaning with stainless steel surfaces
  • large, removable maintenance doors
  • drives completely separated from the dough area
  • entirely removable rounding belt and rounding drum