The dough sheeting line for large and fine-pore doughs in Easy Clean Design

Performance features:

  • for easy cleaning, maintenance and access to all modules, Koenig has applied the “Easy Clean” Design
  • dough throughput of 400 to 1,200 kg per hour for rolls and 400 to 1,500 kg per hour for breads
  • performance with angular rolls: 16,200 pieces/hour at 6-row operation (45 strokes/min.)
  • performance with rounded rolls: 11,800 pieces/hour at 6-row operation (33 strokes/min.)
  • absolutely gentle processing of fine- and large-pore doughs due to multiple forming rollers, adjustable for individual dough yields and bowl resting time
  • new kind of dough sheet forming for gentle dough handling:
    • preformer with 3-roll satellite, counter-roller and scraper for gentle preforming of the dough sheet
    • a dough sheet former ensures a homogeneous dough sheet, reduction of machine length and thus reduced footprint
    • for an even dough sheet and improved weight accuracy, especially for doughs with longer bowl resting time
  • systems often have residual dough of up to 15%
  • modular system: Modules such as forming station, seeding stations, proofer etc. available and can be retrofitted at any time
  • integrated weighing system for weight-accurate production
  • exchangeable cutting rollers for different dough sheet rows
  • intuitive control by PLC control with 14 inch touch panel with pictograms and 99 storable programs