Industrial Proofing lines

  • Fermentation lines
    Sveba-Dahlen has over 40 years of experience of manufacturing fermentation lines. The fermentation lines are manufactured in one or two level versions, and the size is calculated in view of the capacity requirements and the layout of the premises. The maximum band width is 4 meters, and the bands are threaded over the full width. A modular plastic belt is commonly selected where tins or plates are used. The fermentation channel is well insulated with cellular plastic and lined externally and internally with aluminum sheets or plastic. Most of the side panels can easily be removed to facilitate cleaning of the band.
  • Conveyor provers
    The conveyor provers are built in length according to the requested proving time of the product. The belt width can be up to 4 meters.
  • Swing prover
    Available in two different models, one with stainless steel covers and one with automatic climate unit built into an insulated room. A module system in width up to 3 meters which can be adjusted in height and length according to capacity and required proving time. The swings for loaves are with easy removable textile tubes and for round bread cups or baskets are used. Swing prover with automatic climate unit completely built into an insulated room with free inner passage on both sides for easy cleaning and maintenance. A two motor operation enables a great flexibility in the modification of proving time and capacity.