Indirect gas heated tunnel oven

  • Separate burners for top and bottom heat
    With separate burners for top and bottom heat in each zone the oven becomes very flexible and gets a very fast reaction time when adjusted for new products.
  • Flexible adjustment
    Each zone is working independently since the temperature is set with individual temperature regulators in the same way as an electric oven. There is no need to adjust the temperature with dampers as on a traditional oven because the oven is set up at installation and there after everything is controlled with the control panel.
  • Energy efficiency
    The oven is very energy efficient; the burners adapt their heat output to the demand from each zone.
  • Reliability
    When a burner fails in a “standard” oven with just one burner, then the entire oven shuts down. In the Sveba-Dahlen oven only the top or bottom heat of one zone fails.
  • Easy to service and maintain
    All components and functions such as fans, burners, electrical cabinet, motors and drives are easy to access, inspect and to service