Fokus LFKR Annular Hearth Deck Oven

EVENNESS and QUALITY IN BAKING, combined to an extraordinary rapidity on temperature variation are the results of the technology applied to the traditional system of the annular steam tube ovens.

  • External and single cross Manessman tubes, resistant to high pressure have an external diameter of 27 mm and thickness of 4 mm.
  • The absence of bricks and cement in the fire room allows to reduce the weight and slightly the dimensions of the oven itself. Hot air flues are manufactured of refractory steel cylinders, high temperature resisting. All tube assembly is insulated with a light but of high coefficient of insulation material. Quickly reacting where an increase of temperature is demanded and above all very economical in fuel consumption compared to other steam tube ovens.
  • Steam generators are positioned in the middle of the hot air conduct, thus
    producing a large quantity of steam.
  • Individual steam generators for each deck.
  • 2, 3 & 4 door design, up to 5 decks.
  • Tempered glass doors with counterweight.
  • available with manual, semi-automatic and automatic loaders