GLIMEK Flexible Bread Line – Bread Line 180

The Flexible bread line is very user friendly and flexible with a high capacity and efficiency.
It handles a wide variety of dough types and sizes which makes the bread line very flexible and efficient. The Flexible bread line consists of the following freestanding machines:

  • SD-180 Dough Divider
    Weight range from 120 to 1600 g, variable speed with frequency converter for 750 up to 1800 pcs/h, 100 liter stainless steel hopper with non stick coating. The SD-180 in the picture is equipped with a flour duster.
  • CR-400 Conical Rounder
    The CR-400 has centrally adjustable non-stick coated tracks, infeed at 6h, outfeed at 12 h and outfeed chute and mechanical flour duster.
  • IPP 6/22 Intermediate Pocket Prover
    Intermediate pocket prover with 132 effective pockets, single infeed V-belt conveyor. Its equipped with photocell controlled non-stick coated infeed conveyor with continuous pocket prover drive. The prover has variable speed and the electric control panel is situated under the projecting overhang for easy control. The IPP has power supply for the divider, conical rounder and the moulder. Max proving time is 4,3 minutes at 1800 pcs/h.
  • MO-300 Moulder
    The moulder has centrally adjustable infeed in the hopper and two pair of rollers, the pressure board is 650X1100mm with a collection tray to collect the dough pieces.