The DU400 is a decorating unit intended for the application of oats or different types of seeds, such as sesame and poppy to dough pieces. DU400 cannot be used to apply flour. The unit is normally placed between the pressure boards of the Glimek Dough Moulder MO881.

This seeding applicator is equipped with a rotating roller made of approved food grade plastic, which has indentations. The roller runs towards a brush board whereby it releases seeds onto the belt beneath, which carries the dough pieces. A photocell senses the dough pieces passing, so an individual application occurs for each dough piece. On the front of the electric cabinet are time relays for start delay, as well as the run time. It can be set for intermittent operation or for the seeding applicator to run continuously.

When the seeding applicator is mounted between the pressure board, on the Glimek Moulder MO881, the seeds are pressed towards the dough piece under the final pressure board, which means that the seeds will be pressed into the surface of the dough piece.