CEPI Silsystem

Indor silo series SILSYSTEM for food stuff in antistatic trevira fabric with built-in filtering roof. Silo is custom made and suited for powders of density up to 1,3 kg/liter. The modular structure in galvanized steel allows quick assembling and disassembling. CAPACITY: 1-70 Mc.


  • supporting structure in electical zinc-coated normalprophylated with wedge for quick assembling and disassembling;
  • body in ANTISTATIC trevira fabric suited for the storing of food stuff according to the CE norms for the security of powder treatmemt. It’s strongly reccommended when natural oxygenation of the material is required. There is no condensation;
  • designed for installation in sheltered environments with natural or forced ventilation.


  • Powder recovering FILTERS compliant with CE norms;
  • Minimum and mazimum level probes;
  • Weighing system with cells.