CEPI Conveyance Accessories


  • Four ways
  • Two ways flag
  • Two ways “Lift”
  • Drum
  • Clutch with spherical valve

  • Line
  • Gravity
  • Sifter on Bag Unloading System
Built in steel alloy, inspection and cleaning are easy and quick, doesn’t break impurities. Equipped with quick hook, grill removable for cleaning, electrical three phase motor, joints, security limit switch, basket with body in steel fusion, centrifuge with body in steel fusion and inside brush.
Deferrizzator on bags by gravity, built in stainless steel, equipped with magnetic bars in neodymium, with hatch for cleaning.

  • Circuation pump for heating liquid, equipped with valves set for the by-pass, capacity: 500 lt/ h.
  • Centrifuge for egg mix type A 20 in stainless steel 304, equipped with 0.37 kw electric motor, motor’s careening in satin-finished stainless steel, quick joint for connection, valves set for the by-pass.
  • Washing pump type cea 120/3v. Equipped with basis and three phases electical motor.
  • Magnetic centrifuge pump for brain, capacity: 280 lt/min.
  • Monoscrew pump in stainless steel – cap: 1,7 mc/h with intercepting valves. Pump body is stainless steel aisi 304, rotor in stainless steel aisi 316.