The compact machine for stress-free baked goods without waste dough in many variations

The Artisan SFR has proven itself as the ideal machine if you want to produce both square and round rolls in many variations: The rounding unit is on board as standard. Optionally available are a diamond and triangle stamping station that allows for combined operation of cutting and stamping.

The Artisan SFR is intended for use as a single machine as well as in combination with classic Koenig roll lines. In the configuration SFR with Eco Twin, for example, you can produce many kinds of baked goods: square and round, stamped, pressed, cut. And of course also seeded.

Performance features:

  • production of square and round dough pieces with high level of dough yield
  • high hourly capacity, e.g. with 5 rows up to 6,000 pieces with rounded rolls
  • simple row selection
  • perfect pre-calibration of the dough belt by means of side edge former and pressing down roller
  • no side trimming, no dough waste
  • changeable stamping tools for wide range of products
  • rounded dough pieces with unrivalled pore structure
  • also available with greasing for German Rosenbrötchen
  • optionally with box lifting device